Currency Trading or Dogs-of-the-Dow

Currency Trading or Dogs-of-the-Dow

Have you ever heard of the Dogs-of-the-Dow system. It’s a well known system in the stock and trading business. There are several stock brokers who have earned a lot of money by working with this system. They are using at for several years now. They think it’s a safe way to let your money grow slowly but consistently.

If you know the Dogs-of-the-Dow system you know that the system makes yearly a better percentage then the index.

If you have started using the system several years ago and used it properly for those years you would have earned a nice percentage each year. Double figures are more then ones made. A high yield income of 17.7 % average annual return since 1973 has been made.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average overall return was 11.9 % during that same period.
So you would have made almost 6 % more each year. Not bad at all.
If you never heard about it let me explain how that system works.
At some point in the year, mostly early January, you take a look at all the companies that gives you the highest dividend payment.

You make a basket (several companies added together) then you decide how much percentage you will spent on each company. Next you buy stocks of each company to a curtain amount of money you have available and wait until the year passes.
When the year has passed you make op the balance and see how much you have earned.

If you don’t want to trade frequently the Dogs-of-the-Dow system is a very relaxing and defensive and profitable way of money investment.

If you want to make a higher profit, trading is a better and faster way. Foreign currency trading in particular. Foreign currency trading requires little more than just knowing the currency course rate.

You have to understand some basics techniques of how the market trades those currencies.
With the right knowledge and techniques you can easily turn $ 50 into $ 1000.
Trading then isn’t just making money it’s also fun.

The fun is that it can be done 24 hours a day. When one market closes the other opens up. So you go from New York to Amsterdam to Tokyo to Sydney and back to New York.

Want to hear about the benefits of trading foreign currency instead of other money investment products.

This article was added on: April 16, 2006.

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A Number of Sayings on Team building events with Internet marketers in Multi Level Advertising

In a online business like ours, we sponsor a number of affiliates who definitely are new to cyberspace, new to industry, new to personal computers. Yet because of the nature of what we complete, we have to be dependent seriously on these new individuals, or our work at home job opportunities certainly will be unsuccessful.

Because the this, we’ve got to all reach out to our completely new affiliates and accomodate them to be successful. I have often appreciated industry on the whole, and when I realized how to make easy a deal or make a revenue, I preserved what I had mastered and saved it as a tightly retained magic formula. In the web marketing industry, that form of frame of mind is a toxic slip-up.

Remember, that people depend on our team affiliates for our gain in many ways. When one of our affiliates decides to purchase something, we earn a commission. Should you be the Network Leader, you also earn a small monetary fee on the same acquisition. So, if an associate doesn’t ever earns a monetary fee, how much time do you consider they will remain in the game play? They will sponsor disappointed and give up!

We learn details from our frontrunners about how to generate a sale, how to write website visitors to our gateways, how to build a prosperous work in the home website, etc. Except we share what we have learned with folks who depend on us, precisely how can} individuals ever {succeed? Why would individuals be motivated to remain effective or to produce a purchase or sale?

Offer your information readily to your affiliates, and they will try to copy you in a large number of ways. You may be unpretentious, and feel unworthy of this replication, but you are deserving! When you talk about your awareness, your affiliates will not only be a little more productive, they can become your friends and mates.

This concept of sharing awareness is communicable. It will not take very long for you to commence reaping the results in the form of higher participation from the team and greater monetary fee cheques for everyone included.

Here are a couple of the aspects that you should give full attention to. These people apply similarly regardless of the associate application that you’ll be trying to publicize.

Relate Proficiently. All written sales and marketing communications ought to be short and helpful. Once you learn how to prepare a powerful sales or followup correspondence that produces results, talk about your results with your team friends.

Organization. With the massive amount email that any of us acquire, it is important to be able to keep important things structured. A missing message can simply cost you a sale, and it is identical with your affiliates. Upon getting a good filing method in place, pass it down to your team friends.

Commitment. In my stay in the home career, I offer a number of achievements to fire up awareness and promote action down my team. This is something which I mastered from my team leader, and it is among the list of points that pushed my industry into the return function. I teach this technique to any associate who would like to discover. Free Ebooks and news letters are a tremendous way to praise anyone. I also work with them to create their organization directly, by giving them leads when they take a favorable actions. This keeps these people involved, and helps to support their gain a bit.

Web marketing strategy. A large number of completely new affiliates jump towards the work in the home career promote without any perception of what it takes In the old days, I was in the same principle boat, and it was extremely frustrating. My Network Leader was incredibly generous with his awareness and information, and taught me how to build up an online site, how to swap back-links, how to publish articles and a big amount of other suggestions that I had simply no knowledge of when I started out. I do the same principle important things for my team friends.

If they choose that they choose to use a different magic formula than me, I support these individuals in that, too. It means that I was required to get a quick education and learning down different strategies of promoting so that I could help these individuals in the perfect direction.

By evading the perspective of having a strong dark magic formula, and being focused on assisting my affiliates to have success, I have already been competent to generate a successful work in the home career, and work with a number of completely new associates to do the same.

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